Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  What is unique about the AeroPole System ?

A: Lightweight, flexible poles of composite fiberglass material provide the structure needed to create huge Arches and Columns outdoors or indoors, without helium. Different sizes are easily achieved by adding or removing poles. These poles are so flexible, they do not break in strong winds; they bend so dramatically, the balloons appear to be filled with helium! There is no other product on the market that performs like the AeroPole System.
Heavyweight base plates are 24” square and weigh 28 pounds each! With their raised feet and powder coat finish, the thin profile is clean and professional looking. Each base plate has center hole for its 6” steel pin to attach! The base plates are also stackable, for windy outdoor jobs. These features make the AeroPole base plates the most versatile of any ever available to the professional balloon decorator.
The combination of the unique base plates and poles allows you to make multiple-sized and shaped Arches, plus Columns from 5’ tall to 15’ tall. Unlike other methods of building an air-filled Arch, the AeroPole System gives you the ability to change length and width of an Arch on the fly when a client wants something different OR the area in which you’re installing is contrary to what you originally designed.
​This System is quick to set up, AND quick to pay you back. Using an AeroPole System to make a 35’ arch will pay for itself in helium savings with 2-3 uses!

Q:  How many poles do you get with one AeroPole Kit ?

A: Enough poles to make a 35’ arch! A pole set is 7 five-foot-long AeroPoles, which includes one starter pole and six splice poles with a 4” pin. The pole with the 4” pin fits into the next pole’s open end and so on. The starter pole has two open ends, one of which slides over the 6” steel pin on the base plate.
A single kit can make up to a 35’ Arch. Arches from 25’ – 50’ can be made when you combine kits. Columns can be as short as 5’ or as tall as 15’.

Q:  How many base plates come with one AeroPole Kit?

A: Each Kit comes with two 28 lbs. base plates. Part of what makes the AeroPole System so versatile is the base plate design. They’re stackable for really big Arches or Columns, giving the designer quick & easy options when there is more wind than expected.

Q:  Have you heard some starter poles have been cracking at the tip?

A: Yes, we’ve had a few reports of cracked ends. At first we were surprised, but then realized  we needed to do a better job of educating users. The proper way to put the starter pole onto the base plate pin is to be sure the pole is straight above & straight in-line with the 6”steel pin of the base plate. Visit the Tips & Hints Page to see a “How To” video that demonstrates this.
It’s important not to split the end of your poles. This will no longer happen once decorators are careful to straighten out the starter pole, before sliding it onto or off of  the 6” base plate pin.  If it slides on easily, then you know you did it right!  If it binds up, then STOP and don’t force it.  It will always slide on easily when it’s in-line with the base plate pin.

Q:  But, what about when the poles are used outside, and the wind bends them back & forth, maybe for all day long? Don’t you think THAT can split the pole ends too?

A: Poles moving back and forth will NOT split a pole’s end. What causes the ends to split is when the poles partially lift off the base plate pin or when two adjoining poles start to come apart in the wind. Always tie your poles to the base plate with Dacron or monofilament and always Gaffer tape your poles together at each joint.
The use of ¾” EMT conduit is for Arches over 35’ and Columns 15’ & 20’. The EMT conduit gives more rigidity to the poles for these larger sizes.
Check out the video on the home page showing red, white, & blue Columns and Arches outdoors in a brutal wind.  The video demonstrates the amazing flexibility of the AeroPole System. Of course, we always use Gaffer tape to keep the pole sections together, so they don’t work apart in the wind. And Gaffer tape holds the poles together and leaves little or no residue.

Q:  Why would I use the AeroPole System for Columns?

• No rigging
• Super lightweight 5’ pole sections
• Simulates the look of helium-filled decor as the structure moves in the breeze
• You can put more than one column or arch on a single base plate giving a clean, professional look to your design.
• Outside or inside, the 5’ AeroPole sections are easier to pack with balloons and assemble on-site to make a 5’, 10’ or 15’ AeroPole Column.
• Outside, the taller AeroPole Columns are weighted by the heavy 28.5lbs / 24” AeroPole Base plates which can be stacked if additional weight is needed, always providing a clean, finished professional look.

Remember for outdoor decor, ALWAYS use sufficient weight and Gaffer tape to prevent poles from coming apart. Also tie your AeroPole to the base plate to keep it from slipping off the base.

Q:  How do I get my AeroPole System photos posted to your Gallery?

A: Go to the Contact Us page on our website. Be sure to include the name of the designer, and the number of poles used for each picture. We love to see how you’re using the AeroPole System, and we’re always looking for photos to feature in our gallery as well as other online and print materials.

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